GCS Myanmar is a ship and hotel crew manning company, and a member of Global Crew Services,
Miami, USA.

Our service is to provide direct oversight and coordination with other shipping organizing initiatives.

GCS Myanmar is duly registered with Directorate of Investment & Company Administration and Ministry of Marine Department.

We are fully aware of Seafarer recruitment and Placement Services according to the MLC 2006 and
our Company is engaged in recruiting well qualified, experienced, professional and skilled seafarers
to theinternational Shipping Companies.

We formulate well to supply selected and professional crews of all levels from Officers to Ratings with our best ability to think systematically and demonstrate sound judgment before deploying the crews on board.

Our vision is to excel as a world-renowned manning agency of celebrated reputation and meeting the expectation of the ship owners. Our company is now in accelerating position to supply crews for Dry Cargo Vessels, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, and Passenger Ships to the World’s Shipping companies.

Our efficient and experienced crews holding genuine certificates issued by Authority of Myanmar Marine Department are reliable, skilled, well trained, hardworking and honest. In the Marine Industry, English knowledge is the most essential as it is the International Language and we make sure all our crew meet the standard very well.

Our code of ethics is to pursue our business with integrity, respecting the different cultures, dignity and rights of individuals in all the countries where we operate. We have interpersonal communication skill and to be interactive with others whom we encounter.

Our mission is committed to assuring our best services and operation at all times with our Motto to serve our Clients and Principles to their utmost satisfaction trying for our continuous improvement.

We always look forward to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for long term business.



HSE is a priority on all our vessels and our crewmembers are carefully selected to meet the particular requirements of individual ships. Our officers are highly skilled and experienced in running vessels of all types and sizes. Many have worked with us for a long time, building mutual trust and an understanding of the professional standards we demand.

One of our key priorities is to create “company sailors” for each Principle we work for. The Principle then be confident that he has his own people, as it were, who see themselves not only as GCS Myanmar’s seafarers but also as a part of his organization and are familiar with its particular.

We ensure engagement in service qualified, disciplined, medically fit seafarers capable to prevent the hazardous occurrences leading to accidents, incidents or any type of loss to customer’s property or environment.

GCS Myanmar participates in safe and legal activities only, avoiding all toils and troubles.


As crew managers we undertake the full scope of management operations required by our ship-owner clients, ensuring that each vessel we are responsible for is manned with qualified and well-trained officers and ratings. We perform all crew-related functions including recruitment and selection, long-term strategic planning and pool arrangements, training, education and safety-instruction courses, mustering, travel arrangements, provision, allotments, budgeting and accounts.

We recruit and employ competent, qualified officers and crew at all levels. Our training framework is designed to maintain and improve onboard proficiency, and we also emphasize that our crewmembers should be able to communicate effectively in English.

We strive to maintain a high personnel re-employment rate by offering competitive wages, systematic feedback on professional performance, fostering a positive social environment onboard our vessels and being fully committed to our employees both onboard and ashore.

The crew is the most important factor in ship management and the quality of the people working onboard a vessel is the key to success, by producing work to tight the deadline.

Our Ship Expert Fleet Management system gives real-time access to all personnel data as well as digital copies of all relevant licenses and course diplomas. The system also facilitates detailed planning and statistical analysis.


The cornerstone of GCS Myanmarobjectives is to provide quality assured crew manning services and to ensure continual improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS),

  • To maintain Onboard Retention Ratio by timely dispatch of qualified Seafarers with proper fitness and certification
    not less than 90%
  • To reduce early repatriation cases due to incompetent or medical grounds
    not more than 3 cases per annum
  • To provide QMS awareness and Internal Auditor training for shore staffs
    minimum 2 staffs to be trained for Internal Quality Auditor
  • To improve EHS awareness of Seafarers through pre-joining briefing and in-house training100% Seafarers to be aware of shipboard EHS policy

And that is capable of:

  • operating the ship safely and efficiently;
  • avoiding injuries to personnel and loss of life;
  • conserving and protecting the environment;
  • complying with all applicable National and International rules and requirements;
  • applying recognized industry standards when appropriate; and,
  • preparing for emergencies, and disaster reduction.
  • comply with MLC 2006 (Reg. 1.4) and all related statutory laws and regulations;
  • pursue needs and expectation of customers and interested parties through provision of quality services in accordance with requirements of 9001 Quality Management System;
  • select and recruit suitably qualified and medically fit seafarers with all required watch keeping certificates in accordance with STCW 1995 as amended;
  • strive to train human resources to improve their quality, safety and environmental awareness
  • respect individual human rights of ship and shore staffs; and,
  • observe anti-exploitation policy to ensure that no fees or other charges for providing employment to seafarers are borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarer; and, protect confidentiality of seafarers through proper means and manage information appropriately.

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