Panama Certificates of Competency and Endorsement, Seaman Books

All personnel working on board of a vessel registered with the Panamanian Flag is required to have either a Full Term Panama Certificate of Competency (CoC) or a Certificate of Endorsement (known as CoE, CRA, CDC) for a CoC issued by another Flag-State, and a Panamanian Seaman Discharge Book. This also includes all ratings and other personnel like support staff. At the Consulate we can assist you or your seafarers obtaining the Full Term CoC or a CoE, together with the Seaman Discharge Book.

When the application process is started, we will also issue a Temporal Certification (CT) which entitles the sailor to be fully able to work on board of Panama Flag-State vessels for 3 months while the CoC or CoE is being processed. The CT will be issued and delivered physically in less than 24-48 hours including express courier times. Before the CT is expired you will receive your Full Term CoC or a CoE.

  • Passport
  • 6 3×3 cm color passport photo
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (Regulation I/9) – Download Medical Examination Form
  • Required certifications and licenses depending on title (please see chart below)

*Ratings: Required experience for Able Seaman and Oiler positions is a minimum of six (6) months. Applicants for Able Seaman and
Oiler positions that present certificates of competency from their Administration with the Regulation II/4 and III/4 of the Convention STCW do not need to present proof of experience.

*Ratings: It is mandatory that Boatswain and Motorman positions have at least eleven (11) months of minimum experience as Able Seaman or Oiler, respectively.

*Marine Technician: For this rating, it is only required to send a letter from the shipping company stating that the applicant will be sailing with this rank.


Medical Examination Form (download)


Application fees vary by rank and additional requirements, please contact our office for information.

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