Recruiting Process

1. Online application

  • Candidate fills up C.V in GCS’s form.
  • Candidate provides supporting documents: performance appraisal, work certificate, company reference in at least last two contracts.
  • Candidate provides tattoo photo (if any): To verify if this tattoo position is acceptable according to Company’s policies.

2.Online Profile Processing

  • GCS Vietnam qualifies candidate’s documents and arranges an online pre-screening.
  • GCS Vietnam submits candidate’s profile for Company approval of interview

3.Online Assessment

  • Candidate participates in interview with Company directly.

Candidate could apply for interesting position at anytime, from anywhere and free of charge.

Boarding Preparation Process

1. Safety Training and Certification

2. Visa Application

3.  Medical Check-up

We assist employer to complete all steps at most convenience.

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